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Rosy Fenwicke: Author

The Euphemia Sage Chronicles (Books 1-5) feature the stories of my favourite midlife super-heroine, Euphemia Sage. She does all the things I wish I could but can’t. Fit, fast, strong with enhanced vision, hearing and smell she is able to think on her feet, beat the baddies, and save the day quietly and without fuss.

My Stand Alone Books include; Cold Wallet, a psychological thriller, Death Actually, a feel good story of love, friendship and family and Voyages and Wanderings in Far Off Seas and Lands, my great great uncle’s book about life in early NZ which was first published in 1912.

Becoming a full-time author after working for so many years as a doctor is a treat. It’s fun to see where the stories will take me and I learn something new every day. Saying that, I am not quite a full time writer. I work part-time at the Martinborough Bookshop which is a great way to stay in touch with what’s new in the wonderful world of books.

I send out (very) sporadic and infrequent emails about what I’m doing, my Jack Russells, Buster and Cookie, the bookshop, the garden and the book I’m currently working on. Occasionally there will be a giveaway or advanced notice of a promotion.

I love hearing from readers so please join the newsletter group if this is your thing. Write to me and let me know what’s happening in your life. I will write back.

You can also friend me on my Facebook Page at and keep up with my news and any weird facts/photos/jokes or cute animal videos which I find entertaining.