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Rosy Fenwicke: Author

The Euphemia Sage Chronicles feature the stories of my favourite midlife super-heroine, Euphemia Sage. She does all the things I wish I could but can’t. Fit, fast, strong with enhanced vision, hearing and smell she is able to think on her feet, beat the baddies, and save the day quietly and without fuss.

What a gal!

Most definitely a woman in her own right, she is a smart and competent business woman, a mother of two, a wife of over thirty years to Kenneth and a loving servant to Petal, an ungrateful, greedy but very cuddly pug.

Under no circumstances will Euphemia Sage ever play golf.

She arrived in my life when I least expected her and is now always with me. On the days when I write about other people, I feel her watching me, waiting for her chance to continue her exploits with Jane, her almost-but-not-quite-trusty sidekick. Each book in the Chronicles is a stand-alone story, but read as a series the reader (and the author) joins Euphemia and family as she uncovers her past and prepares for her future.

Becoming a full-time author after so many years spent working as a doctor is the best thing I have ever done. I should have done it sooner not only because it’s fun to see where the stories will take me but I learn something new every day. Saying that, I am not quite full time. I do work part-time at the Martinborough Bookshop which is a great way to stay in touch with what’s new in the big wide world of books.

I started writing six years ago and now the stories won’t stop. Not all of my books feature my friend Euphemia. ‘Cold Wallet‘ is a psychological thriller set in the world of cryptocurrency and ‘Death Actually‘, tells the story of Maggie Potter, a funeral director living in the tourist capital of New Zealand, Queenstown. Recently I re-published a book my great great Uncle wrote and published in 1912, ‘Voyages and Wanderings in Far Off Seas and Lands‘. His exciting adventures in New Zealand and sailing the oceans of the world in the 1860s and 1870s deserve to be read by a new generation of readers.

If you want to find out more please visit the Store page on this site and click the links which will take you to the individual book pages on Amazon. Or you can purchase directly from this site, depending on which button you choose to press.

I send out (very) sporadic and infrequent emails about what I’m doing, my dogs, Buster and Cookie, the bookshop, the garden and the book I’m currently working on. Occasionally there’s a giveaway. I love hearing from readers so please join the newsletter group if this is your thing. Write to me and let me know what’s happening in your life. I will write back.

You can also friend me on my Facebook Page at and keep up with my news and any weird facts/photos/jokes or cute animal videos which I find entertaining.

Warning: Writers actually live a very boring existence.